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There’s nothing like seeing a young person emerge from poverty as a true leader. That’s what our youth development initiative does — it equips youth ages 12 and older with customized training and educational paths according to their own unique potential, and God-given talents and purpose.

Through the provision of our youth development initiative, students may receive assistance with formal education needs, non-formal education opportunities and income generation training.

  • Vocational training centers for school drop-outs
  • Talent development centers in natural talents and abilities
  • HIV/AIDs testing, counseling, awareness, and prevention programs
  • Provision of free ARVs for HIV infected youth
  • Sharing with them the love of Christ and the fear of God and distribution of Bibles and Christian materials

Our prayer is that each young person finishes well in the Child Sponsorship Program, equipped with the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors that will allow them to succeed and have a sustainable way to support themselves.