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Over 900 babies are born with HIV and others abandoned every year in Uganda. HIV is on the rise among couples and it’s through these that mother-to-child transmission happen with few chances for the babies to thrive or survive. Those abandoned are usually dumped in dustbins, in bushes, on streets, on hospital facilities or in pit latrines. Social workers, hospital personnel, the Police or good Samaritans usually pick the lucky babies who survive and take them either to an orphanage, a hospital, a police station or very few to their own homes.

The children grow up without knowledge of their roots, their lineage, their real identity, but most of all, without parental love. Child-abandonment breaches all fundamental parental roles of providing nurture, protection and guidance to one’s offspring, particularly during the most vulnerable stages of their lives. With the above background, we shall focus on the following to help children.


Over 900 babies are born with HIV and others abandoned every year in Uganda without help.

Our Work

  • Promoting child health through mobile clinics, health camps, immunization programs, distribution of mosquito nets, and building of health centers
  • Support for quality education and skills building through education sponsorship projects, providing scholastic materials and building of schools
  • Adoption & child placement services for orphaned and abandoned children through legal means
  • Emphasizing and maintaining a relationship between the adopting family and the family where the child was adopted from. This will help the adopted child to have roots and a heritage with their biological families. In turn, such a child can be able to help their siblings in any way when they come of age.
  • Building of orphanages to cater for homeless children and those who have not been taken up for adoption or placement.
  • Reducing infant mortality through awareness, advocacy, and health & medication support
  • Protection of children from abuse, exploitation, child labor and violence
  • Provision of proper nutrition for babies and children through distribution of free nutritious food supplements
  • Provision of free ARVs for HIV infected children
  • Children rights advocacy
  • Paternity tests in case of a dispute on child ownership
  • Sharing with them the love of Christ and the fear of God and distribution of children Bibles and Christian materials


Over 900 babies are born with HIV and others abandoned every year in Uganda.


HIV/AIDS has a caused the biggest number of orphaned and abandoned children.


In 2017, an estimated 1.3 million people were living with HIV, and an estimated 26,000 Ugandans died of AIDS-related illnesses.